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Rehberg 960 Map

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How about a 1594 acre ranch located within a couple of miles of the largest city in Montana. The ranch has 960 acres of deeded land and a State of Montana lease of 634 acres.  There are two stock wells three miles of Alkali Creek and the land is divided into two pastures.  There are no buildings. However there are many, many home sites with great views of several mountain ranges.  The land is generally rolling with rimrocks, and high bluffs.  Mule deer and white tail deer, antelope and sharptail grouse can be found all over the property.  If you really like to shoot bring plenty of ammo for the prairie dogs. This is one of those properties that will always be worth a lot moor in the future.

$1,500,000 contact Jim Espy 406 661 3122 or